Export threat moderates German commercial waste incineration market

14.06.2017 − All was calm on the German market for the management of non-hazardous commercial waste in the first half of this year. After two years of turbulence, marked by a shortage of waste incineration capacity and rising...» more


Liquidity a major problem on the German waste textiles market

07.06.2017 − "Liquidity is the central problem facing the industry," virtually all market players active in Germany’s waste textiles business agree. Businesses were constantly running after even the smallest sums and issuing payment...» more

Ferrous scrap prices yield slightly again in Germany

22.05.2017 − Following a mild decline in April, the ferrous scrap prices on the German market slipped slightly once again in May. The continued good demand from the integrated steel mills meant that new scrap prices were by and...» more

Prices for ordinary recovered paper grades rise in the UK

17.05.2017 − Prices for ordinary recovered paper grades have staged a marked recovery on the British market since the middle of April and have been climbing week after week since then. However, experts felt that there could be no...» more

Waste plastics exports from Germany to Far East nosedive

10.05.2017 − The waste plastics market was very subdued in April. Exports to the Far East pretty much collapsed. High freight rates for shipments to the Far East, a strong euro and strict inspections on containers in Chinese ports...» more

Weak plastics sales plague German WEEE recyclers

03.05.2017 − The situation for WEEE recyclers in Germany has only improved slightly in recent weeks. Recyclers were pleased that metal prices have risen lately. However, they said they could not fully benefit from this because...» more

Lower steel scrap prices in Germany

20.04.2017 − Following a strong increase in March, German ferrous scrap prices have softened again in April.» more

Strong growth in aluminium scrap exports from the EU

11.04.2017 − According to Eurostat data, the 28 EU member states exported about 941,000 tonnes of aluminium scrap valued at €1.07bn to countries outside the EU last year. This is a ten per cent increase.» more

Prices for used PET bottles rise again in Germany

05.04.2017 − Demand from recyclers in Germany for PET bottles remained good to very good in most cases in March, while supplies were weaker owing to consumption patterns.» more

Strong growth in EU ferrous scrap exports in 2016

30.03.2017 − Following a drop by nearly 20 per cent in the year before, ferrous scrap exports from the EU grew again in 2016. » more

First signs that recovered price hikes nearing an end in France

28.03.2017 − Prices are still on the increase on France’s recovered paper market. Sizeable hikes have now materialised for sorted graphic paper for deinking in the wake of renewed mark-ups for ordinary grades. » more

German steel scrap prices rise driven by Turkish demand

21.03.2017 − Ferrous scrap prices on the German market rose considerably in March and are now slightly above January levels. It is very clear that traders found the price cut implemented by steel mills in February to be too large.» more

Prices for used PET bottles continue to climb in Germany

08.03.2017 − The German PET recycling market in February was characterised by significantly weaker arisings of used bottles and continued good demand for flakes. Prices for post-consumer single-use bottles from deposit systems rose...» more

Steel scrap prices in Germany decline less than expected

22.02.2017 − Prices on the German steel scrap market contracted by €15 to €20 per tonne in February. The decrease was less pronounced than initially expected.» more

No let up for German used clothing market

14.02.2017 − The situation on Germany’s second-hand clothing market remains strained in 2017, with no signs of an improvement on the horizon. This is especially true of the critically important trade with Africa. As a result, there...» more

Cold winter in Germany cuts waste wood arisings while boosting demand

02.02.2017 − Last year’s oversupply of waste wood in Germany is largely a thing of the past – and with it the backlog of volumes that the industry has been pushing after two mild winters in a row. » more

Asian demand bolsters prices on French recovered paper market

31.01.2017 − Brisk exports characterised the French recovered paper market in January. As in several other European countries, demand from China was surprisingly strong for lower recovered paper grades. Some exporters from France...» more

Demand for recovered paper remains high in the UK

25.01.2017 − Prices for bulk recovered paper grades on the British market were buoyed by demand both from domestic consumers and buyers from Continental Europe and Asia in January.» more

Higher ferrous scrap prices in Germany

17.01.2017 − "In general, mills' order positions are good and the demand for scrap high. For the ferrous scrap trade, this is an encouraging outlook for the first quarter" said a merchant, summing up the situation of the German...» more

German steel scrap traders optimistic at year's end

22.12.2016 − Ferrous scrap prices in Germany have risen slightly again after the jump they experienced in November. In some cases, steel mills had gone into price talks offering the same prices they had paid in the previous month. » more

Container shortage still shaping British recovered paper market

13.12.2016 − The container shortage remains the hot topic on Britain’s recovered paper market in early December, all EUWID sources agree. A few market insiders believe that the situation has improved, but others still see no light...» more

Outlook less than rosy on German waste plastics market

09.12.2016 − The outlook on the waste plastics market in Germany is getting gloomier. Demand for most waste plastics was modest in November. Orders are decreasing due to December downtimes. In some cases, the inventory levels for...» more

German incineration gate fees for commercial waste continue to rise

07.12.2016 − The German market for the treatment of commercial waste has experienced another sharp price upswing this year. Incineration gate fees for commercial waste have leapt by about €15-20 per tonne within the span of a year,...» more

Ordinary recovered paper grade prices supported by export demand in Italy

29.11.2016 − The Far East export trading again influenced events on Italy’s recovered paper market in November, and meant that things did not shape up as market insiders had been anticipating. Back in October, exports had generally...» more

Retreat in Chinese steel exports sends German ferrous scrap prices higher

22.11.2016 − The increase in German ferrous scrap prices far exceeded expectations in November. Merchants had initially thought that prices would merely bounce back to September's level.» more

No revival for the German waste plastics market

09.11.2016 − Domestic demand for waste plastics in Germany remained satisfactory to sufficient in October, but there had been no real upswing this autumn, respondents said. Since there had been mark-downs for primary plastics,...» more

German waste wood market remains tense

02.11.2016 − Germany's waste wood processors and recyclers are entering the winter of 2016 and 2017 with unprecedented inventories. However, the situation varies widely at times» more

Tumbling pound drives up demand for UK recovered paper

26.10.2016 − In stark contrast with forecasts made by many experts, the British recovered paper market did not cool in October. More recovered paper had been collected and freight rates for sea containers had edged higher.» more

Steel scrap prices in Germany decline less than expected

18.10.2016 − Patience paid off for German scrap merchants in October in the form of hard cash. Steel mills started off the month announcing that they intended to seek price cuts of €20 per tonne. The first contracts that were closed...» more

UK recovered paper prices tumble on export market

28.09.2016 − All EUWID sources described the amounts of recovered paper collected in the UK as normal for September. At the same time, demand from Asia has slowed considerably.» more