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Sims Metal Management looking to expand

business into adjacent environmental markets

(AUS) – Sims Metal Management has unveiled its growth strategy for the period until the end of 2025 and beyond. The recycling company, which has operations around the globe, intends to deliver growth in its ferrous and non-ferrous scrap... more

Sims MM seeks to enter the waste to energy market

(AUS) – Sims Metals management plans to build and operate a total of seven energy recovery plants over the next ten years. About three quarters of the input material is to consist of automotive shredder residue (ASR) or "fluff"... more

Schnitzer Steel’s earnings

tumble in financial first half

(USA) – The US recycling company Schnitzer Steel has ended the first half of its 2018/19 business year with substantially lower earnings. The operating result for the period between September and February stood at just under $60m, some 30... more

German competition authority plans

to block takeover of DSD by Remondis

(UK) – The German Federal Cartel Office is minded to prohibit Remondis’ planned takeover of the Green Dot company DSD. The Bonn-based competition authority laid out its initial take on the merger that was heavily criticised by both... more

European WEEE recyclers face higher costs

tied to fires ignited by lithium batteries

(EU) – E-waste recyclers are increasingly confronted with fires caused by defective high-energy batteries, in particular lithium batteries. However, the majority of the companies is not able to recoup the resulting higher costs for... more

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