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New EU Circular Economy Action Plan

places the emphasis on product policy

(EU) – The European Commission wants to focus more closely on product design in order to promote the transition to a circular economy. The institution seeks to decouple materials extraction from growth and to support "the same... more

Recycling industry welcomes EU Action Plan

(EU) – The international recycling industry has reacted positively to the new EU Circular Economy Action Plan. The European Recycling Industries’ Confederation (EuRIC) said in a press release that it welcomed the plan’s... more

FEAD: "Recycling markets must

remain open and competitive"

(EU) – The EU Commission’s new Circular Economy Action Plan will be "an essential component in the fight against climate change and in protecting the environment", according to the European Federation for Waste Management... more

European Plastics Pact officially launched

(EU) – A new public-private coalition wants to reduce the consumption of plastic packaging and single-use products in the EU and to advance the circular economy. Governments from 15 countries joined 66 companies and organisations in... more

Coca-Cola: 100 per cent

recycled PET in Sweden

(S) – Coca-Cola is selling only PET bottles made out of 100 per cent recycled plastic on the Swedish market. These bottles are labelled with a new recycling logo and the prompt "Recycle me again". The message on the large label... more

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