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New supply contract for clinical

waste plant opening soon

(UK) – A clinical waste treatment plant being built in Malvern, Worcestershire, is expected to be operational by the end of February after experiencing construction delays due to Covid-19 late last year, said the British waste logistics... more

WasteCare starts up full-scale battery recycling plant in the UK

(UK) – WasteCare, the owner of the BatteryBack compliance scheme, has opened a full-scale battery recycling plant in Elland in West Yorkshire. With a capacity of 25,000 tonnes of household batteries per year, the £2m (€2.2m)... more

Singapore commissions study

for chemical recycling plant

(SG) – As part of it long-term plans to develop large-scale, advanced plastic waste sorting and recycling capabilities, Singapore’s National Environment Agency (NEA) has commissioned a feasibility study and design of a pilot... more

European glass recycling rate stagnates at a high level

(EU – In 2018, the recycling rate for glass packaging remained stable at 76 per cent in the then 28 EU member states. In the reporting year, consumption increased to around 17 million tonnes, while around 13 million tonnes of glass... more

"A supplement rather than

a replacement for PET"

(EU) – Coca-Cola plans to conduct its first tests of a paper bottle prototype in Europe. This trial is to be carried out in Hungary in the second quarter of this year. The AdeZ lifestyle drink will be offered in a paper bottle to 2,000... more

Municipal Waste Europe

backs EPR for waste textiles

(EU) – "The upcoming EU Strategy on Textiles must include the development of an EPR scheme for textiles," public-sector waste management companies argue. In a position paper released earlier this month, the umbrella group... more

EuRIC calls for EPR and recycled content quotas

(EU) – Extended producer responsibility (EPR) systems for textiles should be administered by actors along the whole textiles value chain and should further the development of textiles recycling, according to a new position statement from... more

Brexit creating export headaches

for British textiles recyclers

(UK) – Brexit is creating substantial and sometimes unanticipated difficulties for British textile recyclers. The British newspaper "The Guardian" reported that ECS Textiles Ltd., one of northern England’s biggest textile... more

China’s recovered paper imports

fall below 7 million tonnes in 2020

(PRC) – Chinese paper mills went on one last buying spree for recovered paper in Europe just before the country’s ban on importing "solid waste" took effect at the close of the year. Statistics from Chinese customs... more

Good export demand lifts UK

prices for ordinary RCP grades

(UK) – Recovered paper (RCP) collection volumes in the UK declined in February compared with January and are still below the typical level for this time of year. "By the end of January, we had already processed the volumes arising... more

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