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Storm clouds on the horizon for

German PET recyclers in July

(D) – Primary PET did become slightly more expensive in June, but these hikes are not bringing any relief to PET recyclers in Germany for the time being. Primary PET remains cheap. PET recyclers are facing huge challenges amidst slow... more

Slightly dampened demand in June on the

German commodity plastics market

(D) – In June, the market for primary commodity plastics lost a little ground for the second month running. Although demand, especially from the packaging industry, remained high, EUWID respondents reported a decline compared to April and... more

EUWID Index: Material Value of Fridges and Freezers for Recycling


The non-ferrous scrap

metal market in Germany

(D) – LME copper prices have climbed again since the end of June, lending some upward momentum to copper scrap prices as well as to some brass scrap prices. Old zinc scrap prices were unchanged. According to the news agency MBI, wholesale... more

Denmark plans to slash incineration capacity

as part of plans for green waste sector

(DK) – Danish legislators are moving ahead with plans for serious cuts in the county’s waste to energy (wte) capacity. Waste incineration capacity in Denmark is to be brought into line with domestic waste arisings under the terms... more

Latvian authorities uncover

“illegal” UK waste shipment

(LV) – Nearly 550 tonnes of illegally imported waste originating in the UK were discovered by Latvian environmental authorities in June, according to a statement issued by the Latvian State Environmental Service (VVD). Following up on... more

Proposal for revision of the EU Packaging Directive

set to be unveiled in the second quarter of 2021

(EU) – The "Essential Requirements" set out in the EU Directive on Packaging and Packaging Waste will play a key role in the EU plastics strategy, the Green Deal and the Circular Economy Action Plan, if the European Commission... more

EU releases draft Resolution

on shipments of waste plastics

(EU) – Last year, the parties to the Basel Convention adopted stricter rules for transboundary shipments of plastic waste. As part of the European transposition process, the European Commission published a draft for a delegated regulation... more

Taxonomy Regulation published in EU Official Journal

(EU) – The EU Regulation on the establishment of a framework to facilitate sustainable investment was formally adopted following its approval by the European Parliament in mid-June and was published in the Official Journal of the European... more

Hardly any EU member states

have implemented the WFD

(EU) – The provisions laid out in the 2018 revised EU Waste Framework Directive (WFD) were to have been transposed into national law by 5 July. Yet, most EU member states are apparently making only slow progress towards implementation.... more

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