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Plastics recyclers plan

further capacity expansions

(D) – Plastics recyclers in Germany were largely satisfied with their sales volumes in February. While prices for post-industrial film often rose considerably, other grades saw barely any changes. EUWID has learnt that some companies are... more

Prices for PET bottles stable

amid continued high demand

(D) – Demand remains strong for recyclate from post-consumer PET bottles in Germany. A record January was followed by a record February, say recyclers. And the market showed no signs of slowing last month. Numerous inquiries are coming... more

EUWID Index: Material Value of Fridges and Freezers for Recycling


Primary polyolefins and PVC with constant

prices in February while PS price increases

(D) – In February, supply and demand were balanced for most primary standard commodity plastics. Respondents to EUWID’s monthly market survey mentioned some supply restrictions, but only for PS. Demand was reticent to solid for... more

LME lifts copper scrap price

(D) – The LME copper price reached an eight-month high last week, lifting scrap copper prices along with it. Zinc scrap also benefited from base metal price movements. According to the news agency MBI, the wholesale buying-in price for... more

International Exchanges


Agreement on POPs Regulation and DecaBDE limits

(EU) – Negotiations have wrapped up on the future EU rules for persistent organic pollutants (POPs). Representatives of the European Parliament, the Council and the Commission hammered out a preliminary agreement in their... more

Dutch government and companies sign pact

to reduce plastics and improve recycling

(NL) – Dutch companies have entered a new "Plastic Pact" under which they commit to less plastic use and more plastic recycling. The agreement was signed on 21 February by 75 companies and environmental organisations as well as... more

Consultations open in the UK on packaging

EPR, a deposit return system and plastic tax

(UK) – The British government has opened four consultations on key aspects of its planned overhaul of waste management legislation. Announced as part of the Resources and Waste Strategy for England last year, the headline measures now... more

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