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Capacity shortage sends prices for C&I

waste treatment higher again in Germany

(D) – Germany’s market for the thermal treatment of municipal and other non-hazardous wastes continues to see rising prices. While waste to energy (wte) plant operators tended to describe the increase as rather moderate, quite a few... more

Growth in English recycling coming from

bottom ash and food waste recycling

(UK) – England recycled slightly more of its waste arisings from households in 2017 than it had a year earlier. According to statistics released by the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (Defra) last week, the English... more

British association presents

inspection scheme for RCP

(UK) – At the end of November 2018, the British Recycling Association presented a newly developed scheme to facilitate and speed up inspections of recovered paper (RCP) from the UK destined for China export. The depot-based inspection... more

B&W Loibl lands $20m contract

for power plant conveyor system

(USA, D, NL) – B&W Loibl is to supply a conveying system and other equipment to a power plant in the Netherlands under a new $20m (ca. €17.6m) contract, its parent company Babcock & Wilcox announced in early December. The... more

Concerns about draft EU rules

for calculating recycling rates

(EU) – The umbrella organisation representing the European recycling industry is "concerned" about the planned EU legislation on the calculation of recycling rates. The European Recycling Industries’ Confederation (EuRIC)... more

Company News

The British hazardous waste management specialist Augean has decided to shut down its high temperature incinerator in Kent. The plant, which Augean previously leased from the pharmaceutical company Pfizer before acquiring it... more

No significant price movement on German

recovered paper market in November

(D) – German recovered paper suppliers and consumers finalised contracts in November at largely unchanged prices. Supply and demand on the market still appear relatively balanced although respondents’ reports on collected... more

Upcoming EUWID market

reports in the next issue

The first 2019 issue of EUWID Recycling and Waste Management will appear on 9 January. We expect that it will contain the December reports on the German market for waste plastics, post-consumer PET bottles and primary commodity plastics. It... more

Stable prices for ordinary and

deinking grades in France

(F) – The French recovered paper market was relatively calm in December. Demand was somewhat subdued in certain segments, but at the same time, collection volumes were said to be lower than usual for this time of year. All in all, prices... more

Prices for deinking grades in decline in December

(I) – Uncertainty is mounting at the moment in the Italian recovered paper market. It is unclear whether and how exports to China will be possible in the future. December had already been a "dead" month for China exports for two... more

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