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Copacel sees the French paper and board

industry headed into a severe recession

(F) The paper industry still has a tough time ahead, the French association of paper and board producers Copacel warned at its annual conference, which was held online in early June. The association predicts that the industry is moving towards... more

The tide has turned on the

recovered paper market

(F) – Like other European countries, France has eased the restrictions it imposed to stem the spread of coronavirus in May and June: Restaurants and shops are back up and running again, and borders have reopened. The scarcity of recovered... more

Sentiment on British recovered

paper market worsens in June

(UK) – Sentiment on the British recovered paper market deteriorated sharply in June. As recently as May, many players had expressed hope that the post-Covid downturn would occur more slowly – at least for some grades. But buyers... more

Short-lived upswing in German recovered

paper prices reaches its peak in May

(D) – The rally in German recovered paper prices that was triggered by the coronavirus shutdowns in Europe is already over. Market players report that steep price hikes in April and especially in May have given way to significant... more

Ongoing weak demand for steel scrap causes

further price slide in Germany in June

(D) – If there were any hopes that the steel market would quickly return to business as usual once the lockdown ended, these have now been dashed. A high level of uncertainty and caution persists among steel producers and consumers, which... more

The non-ferrous scrap

metals market in Germany

(D) – Last week’s increase in the LME price for zinc lent some upward momentum to wholesale prices for zinc scrap, which had been falling of late. Prices for copper and brass scrap grades also trended higher last week.

... more

ECJ finds no basis for fixed contaminant

thresholds for green-listed waste shipments

(EU) – In a decision released at the end of May, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) has for the first time defined criteria for the level of impurities in transboundary shipments of "green-listed" waste under the EU Waste... more

Indonesia sets contamination limit at 2 per

cent for imported recovered paper and plastic

(RI) – The Indonesian government has clarified the contamination thresholds for secondary raw material imports. In a decree issued on 27 May, Indonesian authorities established a tolerance level of 2 per cent for contamination in imported... more

Companies and institutions appearing in the current issue

AEB Amsterdam 2

aha (Zweckverband Abfallwirtschaft Region Hannover) 5

Andritz AG 4

Atomenergomash 4


BAM-Banzo 2

Biffa 3

BIR (Bureau of International Recycling) 16

... more

More ferrous scrap used in global

crude steel production last year

(D) – Steelmakers increased the amount of scrap that they used in their manufacturing processes again last year. According to the Bureau of International Recycling (BIR), total consumption reached roughly 630 million tonnes in 2019. Some... more

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