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Scant supply, healthy demand boost prices for ordinary grades

(I) – Ordinary recovered paper grades have become markedly more expensive on the Italian market in December. Insiders were relatively late to respond to upward trends on the market. Some market players waited for the outcome of recovered... more

Comieco adding a yearly

recovered paper auction

(I) – Comieco, the Italian consortium for paper packaging waste collection and recycling, has introduced a new type of auction for recovered paper. In addition to the regular auctions that it stages every four months, the organisation... more

Recovered paper prices surge

again at year-end in Germany

(D) – Prices for ordinary grades on the German recovered paper market rose again significantly at the end of the year. After relatively moderate mark-ups in November, price increases for December amount to more than €20/t in some... more

OCC export prices rise again for recovered paper in the UK

(UK) – Pandemic-related declines in collection volumes worldwide and fairly good domestic and foreign demand are causing prices for mixed paper and old corrugated containers (OCC) to remain stable or rise. There are reports of a slight... more

German wte market proves fairly robust

and stable in a year defined by Covid-19

(D) – The German market for treatment of mixed municipal waste proved to be fairly stable and robust in a year profoundly affected by the spread of the coronavirus and the ensuing economic downturn. The market was relatively balanced at... more

The non-ferrous scrap

metals market in Germany

(D) – The boom on the metal exchanges continues. On the LME, the prices for copper, zinc and nickel continued to rise last week, in some cases significantly. In the wake of this price rally, scrap metal prices have also climbed further.... more

German steel scrap exports

rise again in the autumn

(D) – In the first three quarters of 2020, steel scrap exports from Germany fell by 9 per cent compared to the same period last year. In particular in the first months of the Covid-19 pandemic, there was a sharp decline in exports. As the... more

Upcoming market reports

The next issue of EUWID Recycling and Waste Management appears on 13 January 2021. It will contain the December market reports on steel scrap, waste plastics, post-consumer PET bottles and primary plastics. The report on steel... more

Eurostat figures show little improvement

in packaging recycling in 2018

(EU) – All things considered, the European Union’s 27 member states recycled less packaging waste in 2018 than they did in 2017. Recent Eurostat data show that the overall recycling rate for all types of packaging declined from 67.5... more

Norwegian court sentences ship owner to six months in jail

(N) – Norwegian ship owner Georg Eide was sentenced on 27 November to six months’ imprisonment in connection with illegal shipbreaking. He was found guilty of conspiring to illegally transport the vessel "Tide Carrier" for... more

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