Notes on logging in

1. Do I need to go through a login procedure for the www.euwid-recycling.com websites?

In addition to the extensive news coverage on www.euwid-recycling.com, a detailed calendar of events prepared specifically for particular industries, we also offer you other fee-based areas. The scope of the services and prices can be viewed in the Shop. The contents of the restricted areas can only be used by logging in, which requires prior registration. You specify a username and a password yourself. Please make a note of this login data as you will need it every time you log in.

2. What does the red padlock mean?

Besides the extensive range of free news articles on www.euwid-recycling.com, we also offer you further sections that can only be used by logging in. These are marked with a red padlock. To read the contents of these sections, you must register with us for a user account. Please visit our Shop to see the scope of services and prices.

3. Where are the login boxes?

The input boxes for logging in can be reached via the link in the upper right-hand corner of the website. Under the individual headings of “Markets”, “Archive”, and “E-Paper”, you will be directed to the login page as soon as you try to retrieve one of the files that are only accessible to subscribers.

4. Check that you are on the right website.

EUWID provides several online services. Your login gives you access to the area you have a subscription for. Therefore if you are unsuccessful in retrieving the file you are looking for in the restricted section, please check first that you are on the right website.

5. What should I do when the message in the red box appears: “Login failed. Ensure that you have entered your username and password correctly with the correct use of upper and lower cases. Note: cookies must be enabled in your browser.”
Please check that your username and password are correct and enter them again. If the boxes already contain dots or asterisks, please delete them and re-enter your access data.

6. I have forgotten my password

Enter your user name and click on “Password forgotten”.

If you cannot remember your user name either, you can specify a new password using your email address. Send us a mail for this purpose and then will we notify you of your username.

After this, an email will be sent to the email address lodged in your user account with a link for resetting the password. If you do not receive an email, your account and email address have not been found. Send us an email. We will check your subscription.

You will then receive an email from info@euwid.de containing a link. You must click on this link to confirm that you have applied for your password to be reset. This is only active for a short period for security reasons. If you have not clicked on the link before this period expires, you must repeat the steps for resetting the password.

After this, you can specify your own password and use it immediately to log in to the website your subscription applies to. 

7. I have forgotten my user name

Send us an email. We’ll check your subscription and then notify you of your user name in a return email.

8. My login failed. This “big red box” appears.

Complete the two boxes and click on “Send request”. We will then check your subscription and reactivate your login. You will then be able to log in with your existing user name and password. Please wait for roughly 10 minutes before doing this because it can some minutes to reset your data. This can also be done out of office hours.

The “big red box” can appear for several reasons. Let’s go through these together:

1.    Have you logged in from a different device than you did the last time (a different PC, laptop, new computer etc.)? Have you changed your workplace in the meantime? Are you standing in for an absent colleague who has access to the online services? Are you currently working from home or a hotel and not at your usual workplace?

We have your access data on record by way of your password and username (please also refer to the section “What’s a cookie?”). For this reason always make sure that you only log in from one device as the licence covered by your subscription is for a single workplace.

2.    Several people use the same access data

We can provide you with more licences if the subscriber services are to be accessed from several devices within the company on a permanent basis. Your benefit: each of the authorised persons receives their own username and password, enabling them to access the services directly.
Use of an identical set of access data by several persons is prohibited. Please contact our customer hotline. We will be glad to provide you with advice concerning our multiple-licence option.

3.    Our servers do not recognise your cookies

This might be due your browser history being automatically deleted at regular intervals. Please check your browser settings. Automatic deletion of cookies from www.euwid-recycling.com should be disabled. Contact your IT department or let us know which browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, etc.) you are using. We will send you instructions on how to alter the appropriate settings.

If you have any further queries, please contact us on our hotline: +49 7224 9397-700 or by E-Mail: service(at)euwid.com