Container glass recycling rate remains high


The container glass recycling rate in Europe maintained its high level in 2010. Of 15.695 million tonnes omillion tonnes of waste container glass generated in the Europe in 2010, 67.56 per cent were collected for recycling, reported the European Container Glass Federation FEVE in Brussels. The new figure was comparable to that of the pervious year.

Wth a collection rate of nearly 96 per cent, Belgium ranked first, followed by Switzerland with 94 per cent and Luxemburg, where 92.5 per cent of container glass was collected. Sweden and the Netherlands both reported recycling rates of just over 91 per cent. Coming in at 81 per cent, Germany's recycling rate placed put it behind Denmark (88 per cent). According to FEVE, France achieved a collection rate of 67 per cent.
Bringing up the rear were Bulgaria with a collection rate of 34 per cent, Romania (26 per cent), Greece (24 per cent) and Cyprus (19.9 per cent).

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