Puma launches take back scheme for shoes and clothing


Sport and lifestyle apparel manufacturer Puma is introducing a store-based recycling programme. In its German stores and outlets, the company plans to accept used shoes, clothing and accessories of all brands, the company announced on Tuesday.

As part of the "Bring Me Back" programme, collection bins will be set up in Puma retail locations in cooperation with I:Collect AG, a partner of the textile recycling firm Soex. The scheme is meant to offer customers a simple and convenient opportunity to return used shoes, clothing and accessories.
Clothes in suitable condition will be sent off for reuse; the others will either be broken down for use in the production of new raw materials or recycled into new products, explained Puma. Additional foreign markets will be added to the program in October 2012, with a full global roll-out were said to be planned for January 2013.

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