Rewindo reports more used PVC window frames recycled in 2011


The German organisation Rewindo Fenster Recycling Service GmbH has reported a 2011 recycling rate of 76 per cent for discarded windows, doors and roller shutters made of PVC. In 2010, the rate had reached 77 per cent. The available collection volume, counting only the PVC content, climbed from 23,100 tonnes to 24,780 tonnes.

The amount of PVC that underwent materials recycling increased from 17,850 tonnes to 19,010 tonnes of pure recycled PVC last year. According to general manager Michael Vetter, Rewindo had achieved a four-fold increase in the recycling volume since 2002. In addition, around 2,950 tonnes (2010: 3,000 tonnes) of used PVC windows were reused, being either exported or reinstalled in Germany.
Furthermore, Rewindo's recycling partners Veka Umwelttechnik und Tönsmeier Kunststoffe recycled an additional 79,500 tonnes of PVC production wastes in 2011, noted the organisation. In 2010, 72,246 tonnes of post-industrial PVC scrap were recycled by the two companies, according to Rewindo.

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