China issues Q3 licences for Category 6 copper scrap

New Chinese import restrictions go into effect on 1 July.
25.06.2019 − 

China plans to allow only 240,429 tonnes of copper scrap imports in the third quarter of 2019, according to the Bureau of International Recycling (BIR). The recycling industry association cites a list of import licences issued by the country's Solid Waste and Chemical Management Center (SWCC), which is organised under the Chinese environment ministry.

The list, which EUWID has seen, includes 123 scrap metal importers and in addition to copper scrap lists licensed volumes for aluminium and ferrous scrap. The German metal trader's association VDM said in a mailing to members that it was at present unclear whether further lists with additional licences would follow.

According to the most recent batch, the total volume for all non-ferrous scrap imports to China for the third quarter of 2019 stands at just under 310,000 tonnes. The German Mineral Resources Agency (DERA) states that starting in July, all Chinese companies seeking to import Category 6 scrap will have to be licensed. In order to obtain the necessary licence, they will have to prove that they meet the required environmental standards for storing and processing metal scrap and that they have not violated environmental regulations in the last two years.

China has imposed a ban on imports of Category 7 aluminium and copper scrap since the beginning of the current year. The banned scrap categories include insulated cables and wires, small electric motors and unsorted copper scrap.

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