China: Temporary halt for some waste import approvals

04.07.2017 − 

China stopped issuing certain scrap import approvals as of 1 June 2017, the BIR (Bureau of International Recycling) has reported, citing sources in China. According to the umbrella group, shipments authorised prior to 1 June are not affected.

The affected materials are all found in the restricted import catalogue and include waste, parings and scrap of plastics; other waste paper or paperboard, incl. unsorted waste and scrap; mixed waste metals; waste electric motors; waste wires. "No formal import ban has been announced yet," said BIR.

Beginning this past Saturday, Chinese Ministry of Environmental Protection has set up 60 teams which are to inspect all Chinese companies importing waste and scrap into China. The review is expected to run through the month of July, BIR reported.

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