EEW submits best bid for German waste to energy plant

The Pirmasens energy from waste plant has been operating since 1999.
EEW may become the new owner of the waste
to energy plant in Pirmasens, Germany
21.08.2020 − 

The plant operator EEW has put forward the best bid for a waste to energy (wte) plant located in Pirmasens in Germany's southwest. The company had bid €49m for the facility, its owner ZAS (Zweckverband Abfallverwertung Südwestpfalz) announced in a press conference held last week.

ZAS is a special-purpose public waste management organisation for the southwestern Palatinate region. Its managing director, Thomas Linnert, confirmed to EUWID that the organisation had received three bids, as reported in local media. One bid had been excluded from the review process as it was not unconditional. No information is known about the second bid and bidder.

According to the Rheinpfalz newspaper, Markus Zwick – the mayor of Pirmasens and chairman of ZAS – expressed his enthusiasm about EEW’s bid at the press conference. The plant and the land it is located on had previously been estimated to have a value of just around €20m, the paper reported.

Decision before the year’s end

The majority of ZAS members are in favour of selling the plant, with only the town of Pirmasens in favour of retaining a majority stake. EEW is apparently quite confident about the sales process given the reception from ZAS members. "We are very pleased that we managed to be selected as best bidder in the process for the potential sale of the Pirmasens waste to energy plant,” noted EEW’s CEO Bernard Kemper. "After more than 20 years of operation, the Pirmasens site is already an integral part of the EEW Group. And we are confident that the Pirmasens plant will be owned by us formally, too, at the end of the sales process,” Mr Kemper added.

The ZAS members are to take a decision before the end of 2020, based on the results of the bidding process and on a cost-benefit analysis drawn up by the consultancy Teamwerk. The German Federal Cartel Office would also have to give the green light to any sale.

The operating contract with EEW will run until the end of 2023 and would have to be put out to tender again if ZAS members decided to retain the plant. The waste to energy facility has been running since 1999. Its two lines can incinerate around 180,000 tonnes of waste a year. ZAS members deliver roughly 60,000 tonnes of residual waste collected from private households, with the remainder of the plant's capacity used to recover other streams including non-hazardous commercial and industrial waste. The plant generates 16 MW of power and 17 MW of heat, which is fed into Stadtwerke Pirmasens’ district heating network.

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