EP backs binding recycled-content targets

The EU Parliament's plenary vote on the report is
scheduled for the second week of February
28.01.2021 − 

The European Parliament's Environment Committee has called on the Commission to establish binding recycled content targets that are product and/or sector specific. Any new recycled content provisions would need to ensure performance and safety of the products concerned, the Committee said its report on the new EU Circular Economy Action Plan, which was adopted on Wednesday. The report, in which the Committee stressed the need for clear policy objectives for achieving "a carbon-neutral, environmentally sustainable, toxic-free and fully circular economy", was passed with 66 votes in favour, six against and seven abstentions.

MEPs also backed binding 2030 targets to be set for materials use and consumption footprint, according to a Committee statement. Progress against these targets would need to be measured and the Environment committee urged the Commission to introduce "comparable and uniform circularity indicators" this year.

The report emphasises that the current linear economy following a pattern of "take-make-dispose” must be transformed into a truly circular economy, based on a series of key principles such as preventing waste and reducing energy and resource use. Waste and pollution should be reduced through product design.

Rapporteur Jan Huitema (Renew Europe) said, "Europe is not a resource-rich continent, but we have the skills, the expertise and the ability to innovate and develop the technologies needed to close loops and build a waste-free society."

The EU Commission adopted its new Circular Economy Action Plan in March of last year. The plan including both legislative and non-legislative measures is meant to strengthen EU competitiveness and consumer rights while protecting the environment. This second Circular Economy Action Plain focuses on design and production for a circular economy.

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