Euric calls for support for plastic recycling in Europe

17.06.2020 − 

Recent sharp drops in prices and demand for recycled plastics threaten the economic viability of many plastics recyclers across Europe. "Should the current situation continue, the impacts will be far-reaching, putting at risk both the attainment of the objectives set in the EU Green Deal and the New Circular Economy Action Plan," warns the European Recyclers' Confederation (Euric) in a policy statement released on Wednesday. The umbrella association also warned that the threats the plastics recycling sector could also lead to the loss of green jobs in numerous EU member states.

Against this backdrop, Euric is calling for urgent measures to support plastics recycling in Europe. Systemic support to the plastics recycling industry was needed, in particularly mechanisms to stimulate demand for recycled materials, according to the trade group. As a means of driving up demand, the association recommends pragmatic mandatory EU recycled content targets for plastics commonly used in products. Euric also argues for the use of tax or market-based incentives to close the price gap between virgin and recycled plastics "proportionally to the well-documented CO2 and energy savings from plastics recycling".

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