German incinerators import less RDF and mixed waste in 2016

13.07.2017 − 

The amount of refuse derived fuel (RDF) imported by German waste incinerator operators has fallen for the first time in years, according to new figures released by the German environment agency (UBA). The total amount of imported RDF and mixed municipal waste that was either recovered or thermally treated last year came to 1.60 million tonnes. In 2015, the figure stood at 1.71 million tonnes or 111,000 more. Not only had imports decreased, there had actually been an increase in German waste exports observed.

As far as the imports were concerned, the United Kingdom remained the largest supplier of RDF to Germany. In 2016, around 756,000 tonnes of RDF were exported from the UK to Germany, a slight increase on the prior year. Shipments of RDF and mixed municipal waste from the Netherlands amounted to 568,000 tonnes. This represented a substantial decrease of 83,000 tonnes in annual comparison.

Important decreases in imports of waste in categories 191210 (RDF-modified fuels obtained from waste), 191212 (other wastes from the mechanical treatment of waste) and 200301 (mixed municipal waste) were also registered for Ireland and Belgium. France was the only country for which the UBA reported a marked increase in waste exported to Germany for incineration last year. The amount of material imported from France climbed by a quarter to 99,000 tonnes.

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