German waste plastics market still under pressure due to export problems

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04.10.2017 − 

In September, demand for waste plastics increased somewhat on the German market. However, the situation on the Far East export market remained difficult. Shipments to China continued at a low level. Monthly export volumes stood at 30, at most 40 per cent of earlier levels, market insiders told EUWID in the closing days of September. There were some merchants who entered administration in August. 

Among the Chinese importers who still had import licenses, most accepted only good-quality film scrap. It was unclear whether there would be any cargos still departing for China after the middle of October. The risk associated with shipments due to arrive there after 31 December is considered too great, as new, far-reaching import restrictions are to apply from the beginning of next year if Chinese officials hold their current course on secondary raw materials imports.

The sale of lower waste plastics grades either for export or for recycling on the domestic market continues to be difficult. Frequently, material was warehoused in the hopes that prices would re-cover. Some waste management companies had even removed their collection bins from customers’ sites, especially where the waste generator proved unwilling to accept the new market conditions. Merchants reported that larger volumes of waste plastics were now being sent for incineration at substantial cost.

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