Lidl's parent group plans to set up packaging recovery scheme

28.08.2018 − 

The Schwarz Group is planning its next step on the German waste management market. Through its GreenCycle GmbH subsidiary, the retail giant plans to introduce its own new packaging waste take-back and recovery system, probably in 2020, according to knowledgeable sources. Schwarz thus had no intention of acquiring an existing system.

GreenCycle has already reportedly held initial talks on the launch of a new packaging recovery scheme with representatives of nearly all of Germany's 16 federal states over the past few weeks. The company now plans to have its system approved as required by German packaging legislation during the next year so that it might begin operations in 2020.

Industry insiders consider it possible that GreenCycle could ultimately unseat the "green dot" company Duales System Deutschland (DSD) from its position as German market leader in packaging compliance. In addition to closing the loop for the Schwarz group's own waste packaging, participation in GreenCycle's future take-back system is to be open to other retailers and manufacturers.

You will find the complete report on the Schwarz Group's plans, including initial reactions from around the waste management market, in the next issue of EUWID Recycling & Waste Management 18/2018 which comes out next week. The E-paper edition will be available to online subscribers as of 2 pm on 5 September.

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