LyondellBasell builds pilot chemical recycling plant

The molecules reclaimed in the process are to be
used as feedstock for new plastic for all applications
including food contact and healthcare items.
17.10.2019 − 

Plastics producer LyondellBasell will build a small-scale pilot "molecular recycling" plant in Ferrara, Italy in order to move towards converting difficult to recycle post-consumer plastic waste into new plastic. The facility is to help the company advance the "MoReTec" recycling technology towards commercial scale, according to Jim Seward, LyondellBasell Senior Vice President of Research & Development, Technology and Sustainability.

LyondellBasell has developed the recycling technology jointly with the Karlsruhe Institute for Technology (KIT). The process is based on pyrolysis but includes a "proprietary catalyst-based approach". "We have advanced our chemical recycling capabilities over the last 15 months, and through research and testing we are studying a number of LyondellBasell proprietary catalyst options," said Mr Seward.

The MoReTec technology has the goal to convert typically difficult to recycle plastic waste such as multi-layer films, returning them to their molecular state to be used as feedstock to produce new plastic for all applications including food contact and healthcare items, according to LyondellBasell.

The company believes the recycling technology has significant potential due to its lower energy use and faster chemical conversion process compared to traditional chemical recycling.

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