Paprec plans takeover of Dalkia Wastenergy

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French recycler Paprec looks to further expand
its newly established waste to energy division
24.03.2021 − 

French recycling group Paprec is aiming to expand further into the waste-to-energy market. On Tuesday, the concern announced that it had entered into exclusive negotiations on the acquisition of Dalkia Wastenergy. The company operates 27 waste treatment plants in France, the UK and Poland, including 16 energy recovery plants, according to Paprec.

Paprec also announced that it had completed the purchase of CNIM's operation and maintenance (O&M) division. The recycling concern noted that if it is successful in integrating Dalkia Wastenergy as well, its new energy recovery division will comprise 29 plants, employ a staff of 1,500 and generate annual revenues of around €300m. The acquisition of Dalkia Wastenergy would make Paprec France's third-largest waste-to-energy plant operator, said Stéphane Leterrier, the company's deputy general manager.

Dalkia Wastenergy formerly traded as Tiru and has been fully owned by parent company Dalkia since 2018. Dalkia is itself a 100 per cent subsidiary of the electricity utility EdF.

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