Prezero aims to raise revenues by half in five years

Prezero outlined its plans at an event in the Sinsheim
football stadium on Tuesday (photo: TSG Hoffenheim)
30.01.2019 − 

Germany’s Schwarz Group wants to raise its revenues from waste management and recycling to €750m in the next five years, raising turnover in this area by half. The group also plans to become a "leading player in the recyclables industry” with its Prezero brand. "We have a clear focus on growth,” said Gerd Chrzanowski, who is chairman of the services business Schwarz Zentrale Dienste KG and in charge of the waste operations.

Following the acquisition of the family-owned waste management firm Tönsmeier last year, the Schwarz Group is now planning its next steps in the waste sector. Besides its discount retail chains Lidl and Kaufland, the group sees materials management as a business area with "substantial growth potential”. "We are the first retail company in Germany with its own operations aimed at completely and sustainably closing material loops,” the group said on 29 January. The event was hosted at the Prezero Arena in Sinsheim, Germany. The football stadium, the home of the Bundesliga's TSG Hoffenheim club, was recently renamed as part of a sponsorship agreement with the Schwarz group.

Preferred partner for local authorities and SMEs

Prezero wants to concentrate on the management and recycling of materials such as packaging, paper and board as well as bulky waste, food and commercial waste. "When it comes to materials management, we want to be the preferred partner for local authorities and small and medium-sized enterprises,” the company said. Special offerings would also be available for major customers, Mr Chrzanowski said.

"We are planning to invest a nine-digit euro figure in new technologies and sorting capacity in the future,” said Prezero’s managing director Dietmar Böhm. Furthermore, the company is working on establishing its own packaging take-back and recovery system in Germany by 2021.

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