Prezero's Zwolle sorting plant severely damaged in fire

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16.06.2021 − 

A blaze at Prezero Recycling Nederland's new sorting plant for household packaging waste in Zwolle has caused damage expected to run into the millions. The reasons for the fire, which broke out early this morning, are still unknown.

In industry circles there is talk that the main processing hall will be a total loss. However, the full extent of the damage and its consequences are not known yet. The sorting plant, which has an annual capacity of about 80,000 tonnes of light packaging waste (plastics, beverage cartons, paper, board and metals), went into operation last year. Prezero, the waste management subsidiary of Schwarz Group from Germany, which also owns the Lidl supermarket chain, had invested a total of about €30m in the fully automated plant. Construction at the site was launched in March of 2019.

Update 16:00:
"This is a setback for both our organisation and our employees, as the plant was new and running very well," Prezero said when reached for comment. The company was not in a position to provide an estimate of the monetary damage at the present time, other than to say it believes the damage to be "significant". The concern confirmed that the cause of the fire was still unclear.

According to Prezero's statement, it is currently exploring what should be done with the volumes of packaging waste on site which were to be sorted in the damaged plant. "We will do our best to find a good solution to minimise the impact on our customers," said the waste management company.



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