Prices for clear PET flakes climb again

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07.11.2017 − 

A scarcity of post-consumer PET bottles and strong demand for clear flakes, particularly from film manufacturers, were again shaping the German market in October. The supply of bottles fell again, as is typical at this time of year. New players on the German market and exports to nearby countries continued to exert pressure, recyclers and merchants told EUWID. What is more, a number of drinks manufacturers were marketing noticeably more beverages in glass packaging.

The supply situation facing recyclers has thus continued to worsen, and was further exacerbated by major transport problems. Hardly any lorries could be found. The industry reports significant delivery delays that could exceed a fortnight. All told, this meant that several recyclers were able to produce less in October despite good order books. The first weekend of November was also "a challenge" for a few recyclers due to a national holiday on the last day of October and a second, regional public holiday in the south on the following day.

The full report on the German PET bottle market including the table with price changes appears in issue 23/2017 of EUWID Recycling and Waste Management on 15 November 2017. Online subscribers can already already access it here:

Post-Consumer PET Bottles Germany

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