Remondis and Verallia found glass recycling joint venture in Germany

Pile of green and colourless waste glass in a bunker
The new JV is to begin operations in July.
27.04.2021 − 

The German waste group Remondis and a subsidiary of the French container glass manufacturer Verallia have founded a new joint venture for waste glass processing. On Monday, Verallia Deutschland AG and Remondis Recycling GmbH & Co. KG signed an agreement forming Verre Recycling GmbH & Co. KG. Operations at the new company are to begin in July.

According to a joint statement from Remondis and Verallia, the partners will each contribute a glass recycling plant to the joint venture. Remondis will bring its Koblenz plant to the collaboration. Verallia's processing plant in Bad Wurzach in the state of Baden-Württemberg will also be transferred to Verre Recycling.

Remondis majority shareholder with 60 per cent stake

Remondis will reportedly hold 60 per cent of the shares and Verrallia 40 per cent. The partners named achieving synergies through comprehensive know-how transfer as their motivation for establishing the joint venture. Increasingly complex production processes in glass recycling required ever more technical expertise and support, they said.

Against the backdrop of national and international competition, both partners said they believed it necessary to gain better and more secure access to the waste glass market. The JV partners expect their cooperation to result in greater security of cullet supply and the highest quality standards for what is now the most important raw material in container glass production.

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