Remondis appeals DSD merger decision

The appeal has been filed at the Higher Regional
Court (OLG) of the city of Düsseldorf.
30.07.2019 − 

Following the German competition authority’s decision to block Remondis' takeover of the Green Dot company DSD, the dispute is entering a new round. The waste management company has decided to contest the ruling, the German authority announced last week. It had been expected that Remondis, a subsidiary of the Rethmann group, would appeal. Remondis is Germany's largest waste management company and had offered €148m for DSD, the owner of the country’s original Green Dot packaging compliance system.

Anti-trust officials maintained that a merger would have led to "a considerable restriction of competition among the extended producer responsibility systems for packaging". The Bundeskartellamt feared that Remondis would use the stronger market position gained by the acquisition to disadvantage its competitors.

Remondis and DSD had submitted a series of undertakings to the Bundeskartellamt, committing themselves to sell two waste glass processing plants and establishing obligations with regard to future company actions. However, the competition authority did not consider the undertakings submitted by the parties sufficient to eliminate its competition concerns.

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