Substantial growth in sorting capacity for recovered paper

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29.06.2018 − 

Up to 220 sorting plants for recovered paper and board will be commissioned in Europe by 2025, according to Ecoprog. In its new report on “The European Market for Waste Paper Sorting”, the market research firm attributes the wave of new installations to both the expansion of source-separated recyclables collections and the modernisation or replacement of older facilities. At present, there were some 2,000 sorting plants operational in Europe, said Ecoprog.

The expansion and optimisation of source-separated collection will increase the amount of available recovered paper. At the same time, China's new import restrictions meant that the use of recovered paper would take on greater importance in Europe. More intensive sorting would be necessary to produce more recovered paper meeting the paper industry’s quality standards for input material in their production processes, said Ecoprog. By 2025, the amount of paper and board in the municipal waste stream available for sorting was expected to rise by around 4.6 million tonnes to reach 48 million tonnes per year. Ecoprog sees the greatest potential for market development in France, the UK and Poland.

According to the new study, additional sorting capacity of 6.7 million tonnes will be required in Europe by 2025. In addition, 2.1 million tonnes of existing sorting capacity will be modernised or replaced in “large asset markets” such as Germany and Spain. According to Ecoprog, this is the equivalent of around 160 new plants and 60 replacement or modernisation projects.

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