Suez to build a new waste to energy plant in England's North East

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19.09.2018 − 

The French environmental services company Suez plans a major expansion of its Tees Valley energy from waste site in the North East of England. In a 17 September statement, Suez said that it would add 200,0000 tonnes of waste treatment capacity at its Haverton Hill location. The site already houses two other wte facilities with a combined total of five combustion lines. The new waste incineration plant is intended to process both municipal and commercial & industrial (C&I) waste.

Suez sees the new plant as a response to "a shortfall in vital non-landfill waste treatment capacity". Given the country's reliance on exports of refuse derived fuel to the Continent, David Palmer-Jones, CEO of SUEZ recycling and recovery UK believes that Brexit, and the questions it raises around the future of residual waste exports, only strengthen the case for additional domestic treatment capacity.

Planning permission for the facility had already been secured enabling work had been undertaken in preparation for the start of construction, said Suez. The designated site is equipped with a rail-siding, which would allow residual waste to be shipped to the new plant by train. The concern was currently looking for an EPC (engineering, procurement, construction) contractor for the new plant, which it hoped will become operational in 2022.

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