Top ten environmental services groups: Veolia by far the market leader

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This week in EUWID Recycling and Waste management:
An overview of the ten largest waste management companies
14.07.2021 − 

In seeking to acquire competitor Suez, Veolia CEO Antoine Frérot said he aimed to create a “world leader of the ecological transformation”. A review of the annual revenue figures of the industry’s major players reveals that the partial merger now expected to close late this year will only widen the gap between Veolia and its next largest competitor.

The integration of the Suez activities earmarked for takeover would bring Veolia’s new consolidated revenues to around €37bn per year. Of that total, some €31bn would be generated by the concern’s waste and water activities, while the remainder would stem from the energy segment.

Following the sale of Suez, the world’s second and third largest environmental services companies will be the two US waste management companies Waste Management and Republic Services. However, both of these groups are active only in North America.

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