Uncertainty weighs on German ferrous scrap market

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23.04.2019 − 

The mood on Germany’s ferrous scrap market is rather gloomy at the moment. "In almost all steel processing industries there is a perceptible economic slump, sometimes less substantial, sometimes more. The only ray of light is the construction industry, which is still booming,” is the somewhat sobering snapshot provided by a ferrous scrap merchant talking to EUWID. 

Uncertainty was weighing heavy on both the German and global economies, severely hindering the scrap industry’s planning capability. Even though the "guarded optimism” about the business outlook provided by industry associations is certainly shared, scrap merchants are more cautious on the whole and are shying away from building up inventories. Businesses were tending to go "short" and were only admitting as much material to their yards as they could sell during the course of the month, one source said.

The full steel scrap market report for Germany appears in the print and digital versions of EUWID Recycling and Waste Management 9/2019 due out on 30 April. Premium subscribers can access the report immediately:
Steel scrap market

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