Waste and recycling is UK's most dangerous industry

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11.07.2018 − 

The British waste and recycling industry had a higher rate of fatal injury last year than any other industry group. According to new figures from the British Health & Safety Executive, the fatal injury rate for the waste and recycling sector stood at 10.26 per 100,000 last year. That was 22 times higher than the average across all British industries.

By comparison, the fatality rate in the agricultural sector stood at 8.44 per 100,000 and the rate for construction work at a mere 1.64. However, the much higher number of employees in these industries meant that despite the lower injury rate, a higher number of workers had been killed in these other fields. There were, for instance, 38 deaths in the construction sector, 29 in agriculture and 15 in manufacturing, as opposed to only 12 in waste and recycling.


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