Waste wood supply in Germany unseasonably high

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31.01.2019 − 

The German waste wood market is experiencing comparatively good supply in the first few weeks of the new year. Some insiders even described availability as more than adequate in southern Germany. Untypical for the time of year, temporary stoppages at biomass power plants had led in this region to an increase in the prices charged by plant operators to suppliers, according to the latest EUWID market report. One longstanding market observer described it as the "most comfortable winter of my career". 

Some companies had even not yet touched their winter stocks, which they described as "full to the brim”. Other companies had, however, begun drawing down winter stockpiles as planned. Last autumn, the industry had apparently been willing to invest more heavily in inventory building, especially as the market climate had allowed for it in the final months of last year, market players remarked.

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