Waste textile volumes surge in Germany

13.06.2018 − German waste textile recyclers are confronted at the moment with volumes of original collected stock that are well above the levels typical for the season. After comparatively little material had landed in collection...» more


Difficulties in waste plastic exports to Vietnam and Malaysia create turmoil

07.06.2018 − The waste plastics business in Germany remains difficult to anticipate. Prices for good-quality film scrap increased again on average in May because the dollar gained strength against the euro and supply is still tight....» more

China's neighbours assume its role in plastic recycling

09.05.2018 − In the wake of the China's import restrictions on waste plastics, sizable additional recycling capacities have been brought online in neighbouring countries. In some cases, the new plants belong to Chinese recyclers. » more

Slight decline in steel scrap prices on German market

19.04.2018 − Following protracted talks, metals recyclers and steel mills agreed on prices for April which point slightly downward or remain on March levels.» more

Largely stable prices for waste plastics in Germany in March

04.04.2018 − March was a month of normal business for most plastics recyclers in Germany. Prices typically stayed the same as in February amidst decent demand for regranulate and regrind» more

German steel scrap prices rebound

21.03.2018 − The German ferrous scrap business met merchants' expectations in March. Strong demand from steel mills sent ferrous scrap prices climbing back to the level seen in January. » more

Waste plastics prices stabilise on low level

07.03.2018 − For the most part, the German market has adapted to the modest price level for waste plastics, which is especially making it more difficult to recycle coloured scrap film. » more

Plastics recycling industry working to find its footing again

08.02.2018 − Waste plastics prices appear to have bottomed out for the time being on the German market in January. Commercial and industrial waste film is no longer being shipped to China. » more

Plastics remain a "headache" for e-waste recyclers

07.02.2018 − WEEE recyclers in Germany say they have sufficient supplies. However, finding buyers for the plastics recovered from e-scrap continues to be a “major headache” for industry players. » more

Ample supplies of PET bottles on German market

06.02.2018 − Most PET recyclers in Germany had good supplies of post-consumer single-use PET bottles from deposit-return systems in January.» more

British recovered paper prices decline in January

24.01.2018 − Recovered paper collection volumes in the UK were higher in mid-January than expected, while demand for common grades was lower. » more

Without exports to China, German recovered paper prices slip again

16.01.2018 − Price negotiations on the German recovered paper market did not lose any of their intensity in the final month of 2017. Paper mills again sought to secure sizeable markdowns for mass grades, as it had appeared likely...» more

Chinese import restrictions send some waste plastics prices lower

10.01.2018 − There were no meaningful changes in the German waste plastics market towards the end of last year. No film scrap was headed to China in December. While alternative markets such as Vietnam, Malaysia and India accepted...» more

Year ends with another uptick on German steel scrap market

19.12.2017 − The German ferrous scrap industry is ending a profitable 2017 business year with another price increase for scrap. "The steel industry and scrap merchants had a good year. People were finally making money again," a...» more

Dramatic situation on waste plastics market

08.12.2017 − "Parts of the market will have to be reinvented," said a waste plastics merchant in Germany describing the dramatic situation which has followed in the wake of tightened Chinese import regulations. » more

Prices for German post-consumer PET bottles climb again

05.12.2017 − November brought little meaningful change for German PET recyclers. While the amount of bottles arriving at recycling plants in the first half of the month rose somewhat, not all recyclers were well supplied and the...» more

Steel scrap prices increase again in Germany

21.11.2017 − Following October's price cuts, steel scrap prices moved in the opposite direction in Germany in November. » more

Prices for clear PET flakes climb again

07.11.2017 − A scarcity of post-consumer PET bottles and strong demand for clear flakes, particularly from film manufacturers, were again shaping the German market in October. .» more

Waste wood market in Germany relatively balanced

02.11.2017 − “There is no oversupply of waste wood, but there is enough material to go around,” market participants told EUWID. » more

Ferrous scrap prices decline in Germany

24.10.2017 − With German steel mills busy, but scrap export demand down, steel scrap prices in Germany have declined markedly of late. » more

High arisings continue on the German waste textiles market

13.10.2017 − Very high arisings of original collected stock continue to leave a mark on Germany’s waste textiles market. Sorters are thus entering the strongest season for collection with stock levels that are much higher than...» more

German waste plastics market still under pressure due to export problems

04.10.2017 − In September, demand for waste plastics increased somewhat on the German market. However, the situation on the Far East export market remained difficult. Shipments to China continued at a low level. Monthly export...» more

UK recovered paper exports to China 25% of normal levels

28.09.2017 − Collection volumes were failing to live up to expectations on the British recovered paper market in September. However, this was in keeping with the longer-term trend and did not pose any problems, especially as demand...» more

German steel scrap prices reach highest level since 2014

20.09.2017 − The upward trend on the German ferrous scrap market that started in June continued in September, bringing prices to a level not seen since January 2014. At the beginning of the month, prices took an initial jump before...» more

German steel scrap exports up by 100,000 tonnes at the mid-year

08.09.2017 − In the first six months of the current year, a total of 4.27 million tonnes of steel scrap were exported from Germany. This was around 100,000 tonnes more» more

Situation on German waste plastics market "more dramatic than 2008"

28.08.2017 − Conditions in some segments of the German waste plastics market were dramatic in August. Grades such as commercial film, which has until now primarily been shipped to China, were particularly severely affected....» more

Prices for clear PET flakes rise further

24.08.2017 − Demand for clear PET flakes has not let up in Germany in August. The majority of recyclers had been able to raise prices because the primary PET price had jumped unexpectedly. » more

Steel scrap prices up sharply in Germany

22.08.2017 − Ferrous scrap prices on the German domestic market moved markedly higher in August. The most important sources of momentum came from the deep sea export market. Demand from Turkish mills was strong at the moment, and...» more

Original collected stock plentiful on German used textiles market

15.08.2017 − Germany’s waste textiles market is experiencing relatively abundant availability of original collected stock for the time of year. "Stocks of original collected material are very high, and swap bodies are full,"...» more

Waste wood market in Germany stable and balanced

01.08.2017 − The German waste wood market in July was largely stable and balanced, quite the opposite of conditions a year earlier. » more