Prices for ordinary recovered paper grades in Itally falling

02.12.2021 − Recovered paper has become more readily available in Italy, with prices for quite a few grades softening in November as a result. The most commonly used grades – the ordinary and deinking grades – were affected. High...» more


Prices for ordinary recovered paper grades slip on the British market in November

23.11.2021 − As predicted in October, UK prices for ordinary grades and for recovered paper used in newsprint manufacturing headed lower across the board in November. Solid demand from the packaging and tissue sectors and even...» more

Prices for ordinary recovered paper grades continue to ease in Germany

16.11.2021 − German recovered paper prices are heading lower again in November. Together with October's markdown, this latest development has likely erased September's steep rise in prices for the ordinary grades. » more

Film scrap supply tight, some prices higher on German waste plastics market

08.11.2021 − Prices on the German waste plastics market remained relatively stable once again in October. In some cases, regranulate producers were able to raise their prices for top-quality PP and LDPE grades and offset the slight...» more

Further price increases on Italian recovered paper market in October

03.11.2021 − Recovered paper prices remained high in Italy in October. However, there were early signs of prices potentially softening in November, at least for certain grades.» more

OCC prices soften somewhat on UK market

27.10.2021 − There were mixed developments on the British market for recovered paper in October. While the availability of most grades was described as good, collection volumes of woodfree grades were still lower than usual for this...» more

Brisk export demand prevents further price cuts on German steel scrap market

22.10.2021 − October was once again a month where it paid off for scrap traders to wait a while before engaging in negotiations with steel producers. » more

Price correction on German recovered paper market

20.10.2021 − Prices on the German recovered paper market remain dynamic. After significant rises in September, downward corrections were reported in October.» more

Haulage problems drive recovered paper prices higher in Poland

13.10.2021 − To the surprise of several market players, Polish prices for many types of recovered paper edged higher again, mainly in September. This development came after small price cuts emerged in June and July. » more

Less post-industrial waste available on German plastics recycling market

05.10.2021 − The German waste plastics market displayed no signs of fundamental change in September. However, a few recyclers are complaining that the supply of post-industrial scrap is scant.» more

Ordinary recovered paper grades broadly stable in Italy

29.09.2021 − High prices are sticking around on Italy's recovered paper market. That being said, with the exception of small adjustments of a couple of euros towards the lower end of the bracket, prices for ordinary recovered paper...» more

Transport issues dominate the UK recovered paper market

22.09.2021 − A lack of transport capacity for freight by sea and land, due to the severe shortage of drivers for heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) and the international maritime transportation crisis, continues to overshadow the British...» more

Old steel scrap prices tumble again in September amid slow export business

21.09.2021 − Even after the end of the holidays, the situation on the scrap market has changed little. Exports are still slow, creating a surplus of old steel scrap grades.» more

New gains for recovered paper prices in Germany

15.09.2021 − The upward pressure on German recovered paper prices has intensified again. Prices have risen noticeably due to supply bottlenecks. A number of market participants told EUWID that some paper mills had already been...» more

Few changes on German waste plastics market in August

08.09.2021 − Germany’s waste plastics market experienced much slower business in August because of the summer holidays. Recyclers reported unchanged purchasing and sales prices in most instances. Good-quality commercial PE film...» more

Scant supply of woodfree recovered paper grades in the UK

24.08.2021 − The British recovered paper market is showing no signs of calm returning. While the situation has stabilised for ordinary grades, brisker demand for woodfree grades coincided with scant supply in August, experts told...» more

Prices of ordinary recovered paper grades move sideways in Germany in July

18.08.2021 − Developments on the German recovered paper market in July were described as "relatively unspectacular”, at least with respect to the ordinary grades. By contrast, prices of medium grades were more dynamic.» more

Waste plastics market considerably calmer in Germany in July

06.08.2021 − The waste plastics market slowed down somewhat in Germany in July, thanks in part to the summer holidays and holiday shutdowns at some converters’ and regrind producers’ plants. » more

Worries about upcoming winter in German waste wood sector

05.08.2021 − The springtime trend seen on the German waste wood market, including significantly tighter supplies compared to previous years, has continued in the summer. » more

Conditions on German WEEE management market shift again

27.07.2021 − High commodity prices continue to shape developments on the German market for waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE). The steep rise in ferrous scrap prices has caused treatment prices to shift considerably. » more

Steel scrap prices in Germany peak after months of market turbulence

21.07.2021 − Amidst tight supplies and strong demand, steel scrap prices remained at record highs in July.» more

High recovered paper prices hold in Germany in July

16.07.2021 − Recovered paper prices in Germany are holding steady at a high level. Following the slight mark-downs seen in May, prices of the ordinary grades were stable in June. For July as well, prices are said to be mostly flat....» more

Polish recovered paper market gets "a breather" in June

16.07.2021 − Poland’s recovered paper market remained tense in April and May following a first quarter shaped by scant supply, strong demand and dramatic price hikes. Recovered paper merchants and paper mills alike faced serious...» more

German waste plastics market cools a little in June

07.07.2021 − The German waste plastics business was a little calmer in June. Recyclers and merchants told EUWID that sellers were largely able to maintain high regrind and regranulate prices with demand remaining decent. » more

PET recycling in Germany: Higher prices and volumes

05.07.2021 − With warmer weather in June, the supply situation improved slightly for recyclers of PET beverage bottles in Germany. In recent weeks, the higher temperatures have led to an uptick in arisings of post-consumer bottles...» more

C&I waste incineration market in "delicate balance" in Germany

01.07.2021 − The market for the treatment of non-hazardous commercial and industrial (C&I) waste in Germany is balanced, but only just. There were no major price changes, largely because energy from waste plant operators had taken...» more

Ordinary recovered paper grades edge higher on UK market in June

22.06.2021 − With recovered paper arisings dwindling, bulk grades experienced a boost in demand from Asia at the start of June, which prompted a rise in prices in the UK. » more

Recovered paper prices remain high in Germany

14.06.2021 − The drop in prices that some market participants had been predicting for ordinary recovered paper grades a few weeks ago has yet to materialise. » more

Waste plastics: May brings more price increases in Germany

09.06.2021 − In May, prices for most waste plastics rose once again. The ongoing supply bottlenecks for primary plastics led to another round of price hikes. As in the previous month, recyclers preferred to serve their regular...» more

Supply of ordinary RCP grades tighter than expected in Italy

02.06.2021 − Calm is only slowly returning to Italy's recovered paper market. Prices for ordinary grades had started to recede from early April’s peaks when reports of low collection volumes and minor upward pressure began to...» more