Considerable price bump for ordinary recovered paper grades in France


Prices for ordinary recovered paper grades rose considerably on the French market in April. This was mainly due to low collection volumes and the significant gap to export prices. By contrast, demand for sorted graphic paper for deinking was so weak that even low arisings could do little to shorten supply of this grade. Some prices for this grade declined in April. Downward price pressure was also reported for the higher recovered paper grades.

Prices for ordinary recovered paper grades headed significantly higher in April. Unlike their foreign competitors, for instance sellers in Italy, French recovered paper suppliers had been holding back on implementing price hikes in recent months, so they were starting from a relatively low price level.

In many cases, market participants said that there had been a need to bring prices back closer into line with those on the export market, and that the gap to prices on the Far East export market had recently grown too wide. Others said the price hike in Spain, where material has become tight, had spilled over into France. But collection volumes are also low in France, according to waste management companies. Suppliers were typically using this as an argument to raise prices.

Read the complete monthly report on the recovered paper market in France and access price tables and graphing tools here:

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