Demand from Asian export markets lifts prices for ordinary recovered paper grades in the UK


Many market experts had expected prices for ordinary recovered paper grades to fall on the British market in October because collection volumes usually increase at this time of year. What’s more, demand for recovered paper in the UK and in the rest of Europe remained persistently low. However, this forecast did not entirely come to pass. The growth in collection volumes failed to materialise in the UK this past October, with availability of mixed paper and board described as limited in places.

While demand from British paper manufacturers and mills on the European Continent stayed subdued, Asian buyers were very active and sent export prices for mixed paper and board and for old corrugated containers (OCC) higher. Chinese manufacturers purchasing recovered paper for their mills located in other Asian countries were reportedly the main factor boosting prices. By contrast, Indian buyers who had purchasing good amounts in September were frequently holding back on placing orders during October because of the rising prices.

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