Further price reductions for all recovered paper grades in France in July


In July, the French recovered paper markets were weaker than they usually are at this time of year. Normally, collection volumes of graphic recovered paper grades taper off and prices often rise as summer approaches. This year, collection volumes are weak but demand is even weaker, so prices continue to slide.

This is true for higher grades as well as deinking grades. For the ordinary grades, the current lull in demand continued to prevail in July and prices slipped slightly, as well. Producers of corrugated case material and cartonboard in France were still often not producing at full capacity. Accordingly, demand for the ordinary recovered paper grades remained weak in July, as it has been in previous months. Hoewer, at the end of the month, there were early signs of improving demand for mass grades from the Far East.

Read the complete monthly report on the recovered paper market in France and access price tables and graphing tools here:

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