Ample supplies of PET bottles on German market

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Most PET recyclers in Germany had good supplies of post-consumer single-use PET bottles from deposit-return systems in January. Some recyclers started the year with decent inventories, and by the second week of January at the latest, larger deliveries of post-Christmas arisings from the collection points had also started arriving. On the other hand, a few recyclers said their supply situations were tense and that it would be necessary to diversify their purchasing activities.

The main topic of discussion among recyclers is the outcome achieved by two grocery chains in tenders for the recycling of PET bottles from deposit systems. The base prices agreed for the bottles under these new contracts is putting considerable pressure on some recyclers.

They complain that the grocery chains’ price expectations make recycling unprofitable, and warn that activity might be scaled back or businesses closed as a result. However, there are mixed views among market participants on whether the higher price targets will be entirely implemented.

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Post-consumer PET bottles


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