Germany: Prices for lower recovered paper grades pointed lower in July

19.08.2019 − 

Paper for recycling is in good supply on the market in Germany. Industry representatives believe high availability could trigger new price cuts for lower recovered paper grades in August. In July, prices for these grades continued on a downward path. Prices for mixed paper and board (1.02) and supermarket paper and board (1.04) decreased again slightly, as they had in June.

Prices for supermarket paper and board experienced more downward pressure because of the prevailing supply surplus. The Far East was largely unavailable as a sales outlet. Now that Indonesia has also imposed more stringent import rules for recovered paper, large volumes were only shipped to Thailand and India from Germany in July. However, the price paid for supermarket paper and board on those markets was anything but competitive, insiders said.

EUWID sources have made varying forecasts for August, ranging from stability to "a real downward step".

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The full report on the recovered paper market in Germany also appears in EUWID Recycling & Waste Management 17/2019 published on 21 August.

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