British recovered paper market sluggish in September

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25.09.2019 − 

The amount of recovered paper collected on the British market remained low in September, as is normally the case this time of year. Collection volumes are not expected to rise until the end of September. In spite of the low arisings, prices for virtually all grades continued to spiral downward – a trend that was actually far from atypical in September, experts told EUWID.

Most insiders felt that British and Continental European converters had very good amounts of recovered paper on stock for September amidst poor demand for finished paper. Therefore, paper manufacturers could be very choosy when it came to quality and the price that they paid.

Only very small volumes were headed to China at the moment since the licences allocated to date had already been exhausted, insiders said. New licences covering a total of 101,500 t were issued on 23 September, and these were likely give another boost to demand. All told, the amount of recovered paper approved for import into China so far this year reached 10.293 million t.

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The full report for the recovered paper market in the UK also appears in EUWID Recycling & Waste Management 20/2019 published on 2 October.

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