Chinese import restrictions send some waste plastics prices lower

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10.01.2018 − 

There were no meaningful changes in the German waste plastics market towards the end of last year. No film scrap was headed to China in December. While alternative markets such as Vietnam, Malaysia and India accepted containers in cases where a shipping company could be found, the prices were headed further south. In some cases, exporters had gone over to short time work and hoped things would improve. There was discussion about whether China would accept better quality film grades in the coming months.

Reports of first exports of coloured LDPE regranulate from Germany and Eastern Europe to China were more frequent now. According to experts, the prices that could be achieved were not yet thrilling, but could become interesting if the increase in the price of oil were to drive up prices for primary grades in Asia and inventories of recyclate were depleted in China.

The sale of waste film is not going well, said most merchants. Both they and recyclers were keeping a very careful eye on quality. “At this point, one has to deliver 99/1 to get the price for 98/2,” said a waste management company source. Otherwise, the material would be downgraded or could even be reclassified as waste, resulting in high waste treatment charges. A few waste plastic fractions are already being sent for energy recovery rather than recycling.

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