Crisis looms for German waste textiles market

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15.10.2018 − 

Germany’s waste textiles sector is sailing into increasingly treacherous waters: Uncertainty among market players is growing, with some already describing the situation as a crisis. EUWID sources were predicting a "hot" autumn just around the corner. 

Sorters and collectors alike are coming under pressure on several fronts: massive amounts of second-hand clothing are still being collected due to factors including Germany’s strong economy. Containers were now overflowing, in some cases because companies were unable to recruit enough drivers. Insiders are also complaining about the persistently high level of contamination found in collected stock - a double whammy given that incineration gate fees are very high.

All industry insiders in Germany are reporting very high inventories of stock, and these continue to climb. Market players were now on the hunt for additional storage options, one large market player confirmed. It was alarming that stocks had continued to increase not only in terms of their quantity, but also their value. As a result, many businesses are only accepting collected stock from longstanding clients. Sorters had reportedly started to source material selectively and had terminated supply contracts – especially in cases where the quality of collected stock was expected to be low.

The full German waste textiles market report is available to our online subscribers immediately here. The report also appears in the print and e-paper editions of EUWID Recycling & Waste Management No. 21, out on Wednesday 17 October.



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