Demand from India buoys PE film scrap prices in Germany

08.05.2019 − 

While the prices of most regrind and recyclate grades in Germany stalled in April 2019 at the previous month’s level, the quotes for commercial and industrial polyethylene film scrap ticked higher once again. The upward momentum for scrap film correlates with the rather tight arisings. For regrind and recyclate, the Easter holidays also put a noticeable damper on deliveries, due in part to logistical problems. Recyclers described demand for PP grades as decent to good. For the other polymer grades, it was more or less business as usual last month.

Prices of polythene film waste continued to rise. This development was becoming unsustainable, traders complained, because it was being driven almost exclusively by demand from India. Since India will only allow imports of plastic scrap until the end of August, Indian recyclers are currently willing to buy at the highest prices. Recyclers in Europe have to follow suit in order to secure feedstock.

The full market report is available to our premium subscribers immediately here. It will appear in the print and e-paper versions of EUWID Recycling & Waste Management issue 10/2019 out on 15 May.

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