Downward slide in prices for PET bottles stopped

The supply of post-consumer PET bottles for recycling
still appears to be very patchy in Germany
13.01.2020 − 

PET recyclers in Germany experienced little in the way of change in the short working month of December. The downward slide in prices for post-consumer bottles has stopped. Supply became a challenge for companies with low stock levels that continued operating through the weeks of Christmas and New Year's Day. Logistics were often a challenge because of the holidays. Many recyclers did not start manufacturing again until 6 January.

The supply of bottles for recycling still appears to be very patchy. Arisings are often considered good after Christmas, but are expected to decline as January goes on, according to market insiders.

In December, recyclers had to fend off converters’ attempts to lower selling prices for flakes again. Recyclers had only bowed to these demands in a few instances. For the most part, November’s prices were left untouched. Market players also reported stable purchasing prices for bottles.

Mixed views on weeks ahead

Insiders have mixed views on prospects for the weeks ahead. Demand for flakes and regranulate had been pretty good for the start of the year. Several recyclers think that they might be able to charge slightly more for flakes in February, and pointed to the crisis in the Middle East, which was sending oil prices higher. Others do not expect the turmoil to have any ramifications for primary PET prices, which had recently stayed put at a low level.

Our online subscribers can access the full report including the monthly price change table immediately here.

The report and table also appear in EUWID Recycling & Waste Management 02/2020 published on 22 January.

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