Export business drives British recovered paper prices to record highs

Bundles of old corrugated packaging and baled recovered paper on a yard
OCC prices increased as the month progressed
25.03.2021 − 

There was no sign of a calming of the British recovered paper market in March. On the contrary, the upward price trend – especially for old corrugated containers (OCC) – gained momentum over the course of the month. The surge was prompted by the tight supply situation and a significant rise in demand, especially from Germany and Turkey but also from Asia.

The UK market had to follow the trend on the export markets. Although OCC prices on the domestic British market are typically lower than the top prices paid for exports, those prices also rose over the course of the month.

Experts question how long this unexpectedly strong boom for mixed paper and OCC will last. Some insiders anticipate that the situation will not ease any earlier than the middle or end of May. At that time collection volumes are expected to rise again as lockdown measures in the UK will probably be relaxed. Other market experts see signs that the price rally, at least in Asia, could be slowly coming to an end.

You can read the full report for the recovered paper market in the UK in the print and e-paper editions of EUWID Recycling & Waste Management 06/2021, out 24 March. Premium subscribers can access the market report here:

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