Export demand drives up French recovered paper prices

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25.07.2017 − 

France’s recovered paper market found itself amidst the calm before the storm in June. Rising prices for exports to the Far East had yet to trickle down to the domestic market. This calm quickly gave way in July. Prices edged higher for many grades, with especially hefty price in-creases emerging for ordinary grades. Medium and high grades also followed the upward trend and became more expensive.

Mixed paper was a little less exposed to price pressure from the export market because domestic buyers face less competition from Chinese buyers, but mixed paper, too, became considerably more expensive.

Market players had anticipated that prices would be brought in line with those of Far East exports,, as export prices were significantly higher than those charged on the national market in June. However, July movements were also influenced by developments in Spain where a quotes made a sizeable leap, many experts found. The increases in Spain had an impact on prices in France, which is a key trading partner for the country.

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French recovered paper market report


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