Export threat moderates German commercial waste incineration market

The German municipal waste market is balanced at present.
14.06.2017 − 

All was calm on the German market for the management of non-hazardous commercial waste in the first half of this year. After two years of turbulence, marked by a shortage of waste incineration capacity and rising treatment prices, the market was balanced, according to comments made by market players over the past few weeks. Nevertheless, prices increased in a few regions, especially towards the lower end of the range. Incineration gate fees for non-hazardous commercial waste in the triple digits are now the rule rather than the exception. Prices are only occasionally substantially lower in structurally weak regions of eastern Germany, and there only on occasion.

Market players attributed higher waste to energy (wte) prices to continuing high levels of capacity utilisation throughout Germany, but especially in the south. In the first quarter of 2017, it initially looked as if the market might flip to favour the demand side. For a short time, plant operators had reportedly even been on the hunt for waste, something that had immediately been reflected in pricing, waste management companies told EUWID.

A variety of reasons have been identified for this lull at the start of the year: first of all, last winter had been a little harsher than the previous two. At times, the construction industry had to suspend work because of the weather, leading to a sharp drop in commercial waste arisings. The integration of many wte facilities into district heating supply networks meant that some local energy providers were reliant on heat from these plants.

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