German waste incineration gate fees increase again towards year-end

Pressure on the wte market has eased since the summer.
11.12.2019 − 

Treatment prices for mixed municipal waste have edged slightly higher in Germany in the second half of this year. On the whole, though, business is a little slower than during the summer for seasonal reasons. The market continues to be under considerable pressure. Waste management companies have yards jam-packed with material and temporary storage facilities are still pretty full. 

"I have never seen a year like 2019,” an operator of a plant in northern Germany said, summing up the situation. That being said, the very tight capacity situation in some regions has eased a little as the year nears its end. "Things are not good, but not quite as bad. But maybe it's only that our pain threshold has just shifted a bit.”

Imports on the decline

Dwindling imports, especially from the UK, are among the reasons cited by market players for the slight let-up of the pressure on treatment capacity. Experts said the reduction in imports was connected to uncertainty surrounding Brexit, but also to a sharp rise in waste-to-energy capacity in the UK itself. Higher gate fees in Continental Europe were increasingly discouraging imports from the UK, as well, insiders noted. Relevant market players told EUWID that they would stop importing refuse-derived fuel (RDF) into Germany from the UK altogether next year.

This is an excerpt from EUWID Recycling & Waste Management's report on the residual waste treatment market in Germany. The market report appears twice a year.

Online subscribers can access the full market report here.

The report also appears in the print and E-Paper editions of Recycling & Waste Management 25/2019.

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