German plastics recyclers plan to expand capacities

06.03.2019 − 

Plastics recyclers in Germany were largely satisfied with their sales volumes in February. While prices for post-industrial film often rose considerably, other grades saw barely any changes. EUWID has learnt that some companies are planning to establish or expand recycling capacities.

“We have made the decision to proceed”, said one market participant who did not wish to be identified. Some companies are in the planning phase, while others are searching for possible acquisition targets. Last week, the Austrian PET and thermoplastics recycler Kruschitz was sold to Germany’s Steinbeis Holding GmbH.

For German plastic film recyclers, the latest price increases for post-industrial mixed film are difficult to swallow since regranulate prices are not heading any higher despite “decent” sales volumes. In recent months and again in February, LDPE natural grades were dragged down by weaker primary plastics prices.

Nevertheless, buyers continue to demand that the goods comply with high quality standards and downgrades are common for the slightest contamination. The export market, too, is interested almost exclusively in good-quality film grades. Hefty negative prices are sometimes quoted for big bags, strapping and low-quality scrap film on price lists, indicating that traders have no interest in this material.

The full waste plastics market report for Germany including the price table appears in issue 5/2019 of EUWID Recycling and Waste Management due out on 6 March. Premium subscribers can read it online in the E-Paper and here: Waste Plastics Germany.

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