German recovered paper prices tick only slightly lower in June

18.07.2019 − 

Contrary to expectations, prices for recovered paper in Germany slipped only slightly in June. For higher grades, the price decline continued nearly unabated. By contrast, quotes for lower and medium grades softened only mildly in spite of an ongoing surge in volumes shipped into Germany from other European countries and weak exports to Asia.

In some cases, paper factories were trying to force deeper price cuts, according to respondents. However, other market participants believe that the industry is not trying to fully exploit opportunities to reduce their recovered paper purchasing prices because this could put added pressure on new paper prices. Moreover, paper mills seemed not to want to jeopardise the system of separate collections for recovered paper.

Overall, the situation on the German recovered paper market remains tense. Domestic arisings are not the main cause. Instead imports from neighbouring countries are creating a supply overhang.

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The full report on the recovered paper market in Germany will also appear in EUWID Recycling & Waste Management 15/2019 published on 24 July. 

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