German steel scrap prices rebound

Kehl port, Germany; photo: H. D. Volz (Pixelio.de)
21.03.2018 − 

The German ferrous scrap business met merchants' expectations in March. Strong demand from steel mills in a month with a large number of production days sent ferrous scrap prices climbing back to the level seen in January. Prices were also further bolstered by strong demand from Turkey at the start of the month.

German steel mills raised their buying-in prices by varying amounts depending on February's levels. "All told, prices returned to an almost uniform level throughout Germany," one source remarked to EUWID.

The steel industry continues to prosper. Merchants noted that steel mills had bulging order books, meaning that demand for scrap is expected to remain good until at least the summer. This brisk demand coincides with limited amounts of collected ferrous scrap typical for the time of year, one respondent told EUWID.

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Steel Scrap Germany

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