High arisings bring lower prices for post-consumer PET bottles in Germany

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06.08.2018 − 

PET recyclers in Germany are currently very well supplied with bottles, as arisings continue to grow because of the heatwave. Recyclers are now turning away additional deliveries or continuing to build up their stockpiles for winter, when intake is typically lower. Arisings of bottles in July were around 25 per cent higher than in the same month of the previous year, EUWID was told. In this "comfortable” purchasing situation, recyclers were able to achieve mark-downs. On the spot market, prices sometimes dropped by as much as €20 per tonne, usually without any major discussions.

Recyclers also continued to have good sales volumes and, in spite of resistance from converters, were able to raise their prices for PET flakes in July. Sales of regranulate for bottle production were also said to be "pleasing”. But the upward trend for recyclate was likely to stop in August, market sources told EUWID. The first contracts signed with converters contained a roll-over at best for flakes, but there were also reports of slight price reductions.

The full market report including the price changes in July appears in the new issue of EUWID Recycling and Waste Management on 8 August 2018. Online subscribers can already access the report here:

Post-Consumer PET Bottles

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